A short video on all things Kim.

Including (but never limited to) a range of productions and projects from the 2017 and before. To find out more about anything you see in this video, please feel free to contact me for details.


Verve Portraits Brand Video, Co Director/Producer, 2018

Released September, 2018 - this video concept made on a minimal budget was used to illustrate how the company could target families, connecting the experience of photography as a key milestone to bringing us together, again. The messaging is now being used for a new corporate campaign for 2019.

‘Lemonade Stand’, Production Designer, 2012

Benny and Grandad are best friends and never leave each other's side. They also run the most successful light refreshment stand in town. Yet all could change when an old neighbour decides to get in the way.

Muquin (mother), Co-Director/Producer, 2018

Falon Dafa is a spiritual and peaceful practice based on meditation and slow moving exercises. In 1999, the Chinese Communist Party banned the practice, and since, over a million people have been imprisoned, sent to labour camps, tortured and killed.

Falon Dafa is good.

WizDom: Unlikely King of Dancehall, (estimated release mid 2019)

Dominic Bourke is a father, teacher, frontman of a country rock band and a Dancehall dancer. After being confronted with a divorce and his town burning down around him, he used dance to create a new sense of identity and in turn, changed the Australian dancehall landscape in the process.

This video is a short teaser of Dom’s performative style.

Assemble Series Vol.1 - Dancehall/Afrobeats, 2019

This video is the first off the rank in our series exploring dance cultures, styles and communities across the globe. We set the challenge to our friends. Four hours. No crew. No lights. No choreography. Just raw improvisation and expression



Ronny Chieng: Int. Student (ABC)

The Big Music Quiz (Seven Network)

Rosehaven (ABC)

Nowhere Boys (ABC)

Sideliners (ABC)

I, Frankenstein

'City Homicide' (Seven Network)

'Saved' (SBS)

'Blessed' (SBS)

Verve Portraits

Good Friday Appeal (Seven Network)

Neighbours (Channel 10)



Lemonade Stand, Tropfest Winner

Muquin: Mother (release June 2018)

WizDom (release June 2018)

'Dave's Dead' Animated short

'Burn' Short Film










CCP Gallery, Melbourne

'Cart'Dor', Travis John

'Facesplitter', Travis John

Ariadne, Forest Collective

Shared Sounds, Forest Collective

'A.C.T', Bruce Gallery

Platform Gallery, Melbourne

Jungle City Studios

Genki Party, Melbourne